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LiveAssist by CafeX – Introduction

I’ve recently had the opportunity to play around with LiveAssist for Dynamics 365 product from CafeX and have to say it’s a really cool product.

CafeX LiveAssist.png

For those that don’t know, it’s a live chat utility that integrates into websites that provides real time communications between customers and customer service agents or sales people.

Engage your customers in real time. Anywhere.

Go omnichannel in Dynamics 365.

Provide seamless customer engagement across digital channels. Live Assist embeds text chat, co-browse, click-to-call and video assistance in your mobile and web applications.

Solve problems faster with in-app assistance.

Use Dynamics 365 to view a customer’s app or browser with sensitive data hidden. Draw annotations, push files and fill out forms in real time to provide effective support in seconds.

Personalize experiences with rich context.

Meet customers face-to-face within Dynamics 365 to better understand their needs. Agents respond more proactively by receiving customer information in advance of chat sessions.

The key take home about the product is that it integrates seriously well into the D365 product and allows you to be chatting with a customer whilst working on records in Dynamics 365. For instance, you can search knowledge base articles, create cases or log the chat activity in Dynamics 365.

CafeX LiveAssist - Live Chat - Chat activity


CafeX also really make it easy to demo the system by providing a Google Chrome Extension that embeds a mock live chat button into websites you select. This is incredibly useful in pre-sales scenarios as you can embed it into customer websites to show how it could look/work.

CafeX LiveAssist - Live Chat

In my next blog post, I’ll dive into some of the other features of the system in a bit more detail.



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